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How many professional lessons will my child need?

Everyone learns at different speeds. Denis coaches learner drivers by helping them reach a series of manageable milestones every lesson. The number of lessons a student may need depends on many factors, including their appetite for acquiring new skills, their aptitude, how much practice they get between professional lessons, and the type of practice they can get. The best methodology for acquiring a new skill is repetition - students are encouraged to get as much supervised practice with family or friends as they can to build on the foundations laid during professional lessons.

Will you pick them up and drop them home?

All driving lessons include pick up and drop off as part of the service. Sometimes students want to be picked up at home, and dropped off at work or school. It's a common request, so as long as you organise it with Denis before the lesson he can make it happen. Add any special requests into the comments/notes section when booking online.

What training and accreditation does a driving instructor have?

First and foremost, a driving instructor must possess a passion for coaching and imparting knowledge. A NSW driving instructor is required to complete a number of RMS, police and medical checks prior to successfully completing a Certificate IV course through a registered training organisation. A Working With Children Clearance (WWCC) is also a requirement for instructors. You may ask to see the instructor's licence and WWCC number to validate credentials.

Is it true that a one hour lesson with a driving instructor is worth three in the logbook?

That's true, up until the student has had ten lessons with a licensed driving instructor, at which point one hour is worth just one hour. Note that an instructor facilitated night driving lesson may only be recorded as actual driving time in the logbook - ie: a one hour session at night is recorded as one night hour in the logbook, with the remaining "3 for 1" hours recorded as daytime hours.

So they've completed their 120 hours... what now?

It's not all about the logbook. Some students need more experience than this. It all comes down to the individual and whether or not they are confident and safe to share the road with other road users. In the lead up to completing their 120 hours, a driving instructor will know if the student is driving safely and will take steps to prepare them for the driving test. Once they're ready, they can book with the RMS to undertake their provisional P1 driving assessment.

How do I book and pay for a lesson?

You can book here. Vouchers and packages are also available.

Information for Parents

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