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Should I learn in an automatic or manual vehicle?

Denis suggests learning the transmission that you're most comfortable with. Regardless, it is recommended that your first 20 logbook hours are conducted in an automatic vehicle so you become confident with vehicle control, hazard perception, speed management and various traffic situations before introducing the added complexity of manual gear changes. You should know that completing your RMS driving assessment in an automatic vehicle legally restricts you to driving automatic vehicles solely.

How long will it take me to learn to drive?

Well, that depends :)  We all learn at different speeds. Some may become competent drivers after 50 or 60 hours, while others may require substantially more time than the 120 logbook hours being supervised behind the wheel. Regardless of learning rate, becoming a safe driver takes time and there's no substitute for practice, on-road experience and appropriate tuition.

What do I need to bring to a driving lesson?

You need a valid NSW learner driver's permit, your log book and a willingness to learn. You should wear comfortable clothing and suitable footwear - no thongs or high heels (flat sole shoes such as joggers/runners are ideal).

I don't have a learner driver's permit. How do I get one?

You need to be 16 years of age or older. First of all, make sure you study the Road User's Handbook and know the road rules. You can download a copy of the Road User's Handbook here. Secondly, you should sit a number of practice Driver Knowledge Tests (DKT) on the RMS website to test your knowledge of the road rules. When you think you're ready, you can book a DKT with the RMS to obtain your learner driver's permit.

I've got a busy schedule. Can I get driving lessons after hours?

Certainly. Lessons outside of normal business hours and on weekends or public holidays are part of the normal service of a driving school. Most of Denis' students are young people with busy schedules, and driving instructors regularly make arrangements to do driving lessons around school, work or sport commitments.

Do you do lessons in my area?

RIVdrive provide driving lessons in Wagga Wagga and suburbs. If you're unsure if we service your area, please contact us.

I'm ready to get my licence. How do I book a driving test?

Your definitive source of information for obtaining your provisional P1 driver's licence is the RMS website. Once you've booked and paid for an assessment with the RMS, talk to your instructor about the preparation required leading up to that date. If you need to use one of RIVdrive's vehicles on the day of your test, make sure you book that with us in advance*.


I need a car for my driving test. Can I use yours?

Yes, you can*. If you need to use one of RIVdrive's vehicles for your test, you can book here. The fee provides for a touch up lesson immediately before sitting your test along with vehicle hire for the test. The pre-test lesson will help calm any nerves, and give you time to enter a confident head space before undertaking your practical assessment.

Booking terms for vehicle hire: If not deemed competent by a RIVdrive instructor you will not be permitted to use a RIVdrive vehicle for the driving test. A minimum of two lessons with RIVdrive are required before vehicle hire will be considered. Online and phone bookings for vehicle hire are subject to approval.

Information for Students

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